Fall Twenty Twelve

The past few months have seen a flurry of activity in the studio as well as the release of a few exciting projects from the past summer. 

In The Works

Currently I am hard at work finishing up a new project with The Electric HeartsThis will be a six song EP made up of original material we wrote together while I was playing with the band over the past couple of years. I produced and engineered the new recordings and I am very excited to share them soon. The material is a lot more adventurous and focused than the first album. I anticipate some fans of the earlier material to be surprised and excited when they hear this new direction. Look for a release of this record early 2013! 

Meanwhile, there have been a few exciting projects from the past year that have recently become available. 

New Releases

Andrew Combs - Worried Man 
This is an album that has been in the works for the better part of a year. Andrew was living out of his car for most of it so that he could put any money he made towards booking a couple sessions per month. Andrew is an incredible songwriter and the record is, first and foremost, a showcase of that talent. That being said, the record also happens to feature some of this town's most badass players. The core band was made up of Jeremy Fetzer on Electric Guitar, Spencer Cullum on Pedal Steel, Jon Radford on drums, and Mike Rinne on Bass.
Listen here and please buy it so we can make another one! 

Steelism - The Intoxicating Sounds of Pedal Steel & Guitar
Speaking of the above mentioned band, I had the great fortune of recording the instrumental side project by Jeremy Fetzer and Spencer Cullum. It's called Steelism and its style varies from Surf Rock to 60's Soul. It's all tied together by the intoxicating sounds of its two lead instruments. 
Listen here and make sure to pick up their limited 7 inch before they're all gone! 

Jesse Lafser - Land In Sight 
Jesse is a songwriter with sincerity and emotion not often found around these parts. Her songs range from the anthemic (the title track) to the intimate (False Alarm; a personal favorite of mine) with impecable ease. On this record I brought in some of my favorite players: Evan Hutchings on drums, Mike Rinne on Bass, Spencer Cullum Jr. on steel, and Andrew Combs even sang some BGV's on a couple tracks. 
Listen and buy here 



New Site, New Blog

Welcome to my new and improved website. We have forgone the old design for a brighter, cleaner one. Huge thanks goes to my good friend, Evan Goodberry for designing and setting it up. With the switch in platforms I am starting the blog afresh. Fresh starts, new beginnings - these are exciting times.